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Eyelash Enhancement

Thick, lush lashes are always attractive – but you may not be blessed with this feature, or your lashes have become thinner and shorter over time. Adding mascara, getting extensions, or wearing false eyelashes are all options, but why not grow thicker, longer, natural lashes with the help of Latisse?

What is eyelash enhancement?

With prescription Latisse, your lash growth is stimulated by the medication, causing your lashes to grow longer and darker with a simple application of the product on your upper lash line. The effect of the lash serum takes time to work, but if you continue to apply it as directed, you will have thicker, fuller, longer, darker lashes for the long term. Other eyelash enhancement options include lash extensions or dying your existing lashes.

What is Latisse?

Latisse is a doctor-prescribed medication that is FDA-approved for eyelash enhancement. Inadequate lashes are technically termed “hypotrichosis.” The lash-enhancing effect of Latisse (or bimatoprost) was discovered when the medication was administered to treat glaucoma, an unexpected side effect that led to the produce achieving FDA approval as a lash growth treatment.

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Candidates for lash enhancement

If you struggle with any of the following, you may be the ideal candidate for lash enhancement:

  • Thin, short lashes
  • Due to aging, your lashes have thinned
  • You are tired of other lash enhancement treatments, such as lash extensions or false eyelashes
  • You want your lashes to be thick, lush, and dark 

How is lash enhancement performed?

To apply Latisse, ensure your face is fully cleansed and free from makeup, and contact lenses removed. The product is applied with a sterile applicator. One drop is placed near the end of the tip of the custom applicator (included with the product) and then drawn across the upper lid. It is not applied to the lower lids, as the product is naturally applied to the lower lashes when you blink. Blot any excess, and throw away the applicator. It is applied once a day.

Recovery time

There is no recovery time associated with this advanced eyelash growth serum, but you will need some patience to see the results appear. Your eyelashes have a growth cycle, and you will start to see longer lashes in about four weeks. The only side effects that have rarely appeared are changes in eye color or a darkened upper lid. Some people are not candidates for this eyelash serum, particularly those who have an active eye infection or disease.

Eyelash enhancement at-a-glance

  • Time to perform: minutes
  • Results: A significant change in eyelash growth, with your eyelashes longer, thicker, and darker
  • Recovery time: zero
  • Alternatives: Lash dying, lash lifts, cosmetics. Lash extensions can also enhance the appearance of the lashes


RevitaLash is a doctor- and ophthalmologist-founded cosmetics line for eyelash care. RevitaLash fortifies the natural eyelash and gives it a beautiful, healthy shine. What began 15 years ago as a single product for eyelash enhancement has grown into a unique product line of serums and solutions that can help you achieve your most intimate and important beauty goals.

Revitabrow® by RevitaLash

What is Revitabrow?

Revitabrow® is the original physician-developed eyebrow conditioner that addresses and tackles the visible signs of eyebrow aging that occur as a result of chemical or environmental toxins and stressors, other less natural styling products, and ever over-plucking. Revitabrow is proven to lead to healthier and more luxurious brows.

Revitabrow® is a special blend of scientifically-advanced technology that is:

  • Ophthalmologist formulated
  • Dermatologist reviewed
  • Award-winning
  • A vegan-friendly formulation
  • Non-allergenic and non-irritating
  • Paraben, phthalates, BHT, oil and gluten-free

How does Revitabrow work?

As important as what Revitabrow does not include, is all that it does include. Revitabrow is a proprietary formula of healthy peptides, lipids, biotin, and green tea extract and is rich in Panthenol, which conditions and strengthens brows to protect against breakage and improve flexibility and shine.

Results of Revitabrow

More than 110 males and females participated in a 2-month use study of Revitabrow: 

  • 96% reported improved overall eyebrow appearance
  • 94% reported more defined eyebrows
  • 92% reported bolder, fuller, eyebrows


Does Latisse work?

Latisse is clinically proven to increase the lash length by 25 percent, increase thickness by 106 percent, and increase lash darkness by 18 percent.

How can I get Latisse?

A doctor must prescribe this lash growth serum.

How long does it take for Latisse to work?

You should see visible results in about two months, with optimal results in about three to four months. As long as you keep applying the serum, the results will be maintained. If you stop, your lashes will eventually return to their original condition.

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