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Meet Our Plastic Surgery Staff

Photo of Nancy Higginbotham, Chief Operations Officer

Nancy Higginbotham

Chief Operations Officer

Photo of Beau Vandiver, MD, Fellow

Beau Vandiver, MD


Photo of Ashley Strickland, Master Esthetician

Ashley Strickland

Master Esthetician

Photo of Victoria Stockard, Master Esthetician

Victoria Stockard

Master Esthetician

Photo of Gillian Rogers, Master Esthetician

Gillian Rogers

Master Esthetician

Photo of Dawn Russell, Registered Nurse

Dawn Russell

Registered Nurse

Photo of Angela Carlisle, Registered Nurse

Angela Carlisle

Registered Nurse

Photo of Juanell Wilkes, Registered Nurse

Juanell Wilkes

Registered Nurse

Photo of Vera Johnston, Registered Nurse

Vera Johnston

Registered Nurse

Photo of April Patzke, Registered Nurse

April Patzke

Registered Nurse

Photo of Echols Wilson, Registered Nurse

Echols Wilson

Registered Nurse

Photo of Regan Parkman Dunn, Registered Nurse

Regan Parkman Dunn

Registered Nurse

Photo of Vikki Little, Accounting Assistant/ Patient Liaison

Vikki Little

Accounting Assistant/ Patient Liaison

Photo of Cam Johnson, Photographer

Cam Johnson


Photo of Sarah Beth Wertz, Marketing Coordinator

Sarah Beth Wertz

Marketing Coordinator

Photo of Johnna Prince, Case Coordinator

Johnna Prince

Case Coordinator

Photo of Lori Floyd, Case Coordinator

Lori Floyd

Case Coordinator

Photo of Keaton Hazle, Receptionist

Keaton Hazle


Photo of Anna Mejia, Receptionist

Anna Mejia


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