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If you want to get rid of your tattoo, you’re not alone. Almost 90% of the beauty industry has experienced an increased demand for tattoo removal. At Rousso Adams Facial Plastic Surgery, we provide the PicoLazer, highly effective treatment to remove a tattoo that just isn’t you anymore.

A Womens Hips With A Rose Tattoo

Tattoo removal with PicoLazer

The PicoLazer uses pulsing light to effectively break tattoo ink into particles that are easily absorbed by the body, cutting down the number of sessions required to remove tattoos or pigmented lesions.

Once the ink particles are dispersed by the laser, they are processed naturally by your body’s system and flushed away.

It will take 3-4 treatment sessions, sometimes more, to completely remove your tattoo. However, you will see a reduction in the pigment of your tattoo after the first session. The number of treatments you will need usually depends on the age and size of your tattoo and how deep the pigment goes.

What is the tattoo removal treatment like?

We will provide you with protective eye shields. If you prefer topical anesthesia, we will apply this. Some patients feel comfortable going without it.

Your specialist will use the PicoLazer to pass pulses of intense light through the top layers of your skin. These are absorbed by the tattoo pigment only, which breaks the ink particles up and disperses them, giving your body a chance to dispose of them naturally.

Smaller tattoos require fewer pulses than larger tattoos, which need more time to remove. After each visit, your tattoo will become progressively lighter until it is gone completely.

Video Presentation

PicoLazer - Tattoo Removal

PicoLazer - Tattoo Removal
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What can I expect during recovery from laser tattoo removal?

There is no downtime or recovery period after PicoLazer treatments for your tattoo removal, but the area may be sore, and you may experience some swelling or blistering. You can use an ice pack to soothe the treated area. We will apply an antibiotic cream or ointment and bandage to protect it. Do not expose it to the sun.

Why choose Rousso Adams Medical Spa for tattoo removal?

Dr. Rousso is a world-renowned plastic surgeon with more than 30 years of experience. Dr. Adams is double board-certified in facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, making him an expert in facial anatomy. They use the most advanced technology and techniques to give you the best outcomes. When it comes to tattoo removal, have the procedure done with someone you can trust in an environment that is designed to center around your needs.

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