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Cosmetic Rhinoplasty: A Nose Job

Rhinoplasty Recovery Guide

Thoughts about a rhinoplasty can begin at a young age. Teenagers concerned about their overall appearance tend to scrutinize their facial appearance. Because the nose is central to the face, if it appears too large or too small, it may not be in proportion to other facial features and may not fit the face. Teens want to feel more self-confident about how they look and how their peers perceive them. Adults who have grown up not liking their nose but not having had the opportunity to change it when they were younger may contemplate rhinoplasty since their circumstances have changed and they now are in a position to have a rhinoplasty.

Functional Rhinoplasty

Teenagers, as well as adults, may consider rhinoplasty due to a traumatic event while playing sports, an auto accident, or other trauma to their nose. A nasal trauma will trigger a trip to the Emergency Room or a doctor for repair. A fracture causing internal injury of the nose can also cause an external injury to the nose making it crooked. Breathing through the nose is usually significantly impaired. This type of event may be covered by the patient’s insurance if deemed medically necessary.

Choosing a Surgeon

Once a patient makes the decision to pursue rhinoplasty surgery it is important that they take the time to research potential surgeons. Important considerations should be the surgeon’s board certifications, expertise, the number of rhinoplasties performed, reputation, and online reviews. Once you select a physician, you will schedule a consultation appointment to meet the doctor and discuss your concerns and goals. At this visit, you should request to see examples of the doctors before and after surgery photos. All of this information will be helpful in determining who you want to perform your surgery.

Getting Ready for Rhinoplasty Surgery

The surgeon will want to know about your past and present medical and social health history. He/she will want to know if you have a medical condition that you are currently being treated for, smoke, consume alcohol, or take medications that may be contraindicated to your having surgery. Patients are advised during their consultation with the doctor if they believe they are a candidate for the proposed rhinoplasty surgery. We require our patients to have a medical clearance from their primary doctor, an EKG (over 39), and lab work. After receiving the necessary medical clearance reports and labs obtained prior to a surgery date, the patient will be ready for surgery.

After Surgery

The surgery can be performed here in our clinic or at the hospital. Patients and the physician determine where the surgery will be performed based on several factors. After surgery, the patient will recover at the Embassy Suites with a qualified Sitter trained in Dr. Rousso’s postoperative protocol. There is usually very little discomfort following a rhinoplasty that we perform. We do not routinely pack the nose following a rhinoplasty, and that makes the recovery process much more comfortable. Rhinoplasty patients will require cool ice packs every 20 minutes to their eyes and nose post-surgery to help keep swelling and bruising to a minimum for 24 hours. The patient will sleep at a 30-degree angle that night to help reduce swelling and continue that for the next couple of weeks. The patient will be seen in the office the next morning after surgery by the doctor. The patient should not blow their nose immediately after surgery and for the first week. They will also want to be careful not to get bumped while recovering. Patients’ are required to take it easy for the next few weeks. They will return to see the doctor one week after surgery to have the nasal splints removed. After that, they will again return at two weeks to check on how the healing process is going. The majority of swelling (80%) will be gone at two weeks. The remainder will dissipate over the next several months but will not be noticeable. It is important for the patient to continue to follow postoperative instructions to continue the healing process at home which includes rest, not lifting more than 10 pounds and limited physical activity for six weeks.  

If you are considering rhinoplasty and want to learn more about what to expect contact Dr. Daniel Rousso and his staff today to find out what options are best for you. Contact Rousso Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic by calling (205) 930-0400 or filling out our online contact form.

Marilyn Monroe’s Plastic Surgery

Physician’s Notes and X-Rays Up for Auction

Model looking like Marilyn Monroe sitting behind the wheel of a pink convertible.Marilyn Monroe is viewed as the epitome of glamor and classic beauty, and it has long been speculated that this Hollywood sex symbol underwent plastic surgery. Although many believe that her flawless good looks were naturally endowed, plastic surgeon Norman Leaf recently released medical records for auction that show Marilyn Monroe did have a little help perfecting her appearance.

Dr. Norman Leaf of Beverly Hills is a former medical partner of Monroe’s plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Gurdin. Leaf unknowingly inherited the quintessential Hollywood movie star’s records after Gurdin’s death and found them 20 years ago after discovering old files packed away in storage. In his 2010 self-published memoir, Leaf referred to Gurdin’s notes and alleged that Monroe underwent cosmetic surgery on her chin as well as a minor rhinoplasty procedure to alter the tip of her nose.

The files include details of Monroe’s medical history from 1950 through 1962 with physician’s notes and a set of six X-rays. In the early documents she went by the pseudonym Miss Joan Newman, and in later notes she is referred to as Marilyn Miller (she was married to Arthur Miller from 1956 through 1961). Monroe’s plastic surgeon, Michael Gurdin, wrote the notes that evidently confirm the Golden Era icon underwent a chin implant with bovine cartilage in 1950 (silicone chin implants weren’t available at the time). The notes indicate that Monroe visited Gurdin in 1958 complaining of a chin deformity after the implant had dissolved.

The set of X-rays were taken on June 7, 1962 after the captivating actress fell and injured her nose just two months before her death from an overdose of barbiturates. Monroe’s frontal facial bones, right and left sides of her nasal bones, and the roof of her mouth can be seen in the X-ray images. The radiologist’s notes regarding the X-rays concluded that there was no damage to her nose, but a recent assessment of the images determined that her nose did suffer a very small fracture.

The physician’s notes and X-rays of the illustrious leading lady are being auctioned off in November to the highest bidder. Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills expects that the files will draw between $15,000 and $30,000 at their November 9th through 10th auction. All proceeds from the sale will be donated by Leaf to his nonprofit foundation called Rebuilding America’s Warriors, which helps U.S. veterans receive free reconstructive surgery.

If you are considering plastic surgery in the Birmingham, Alabama area, please contact the Rousso Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic. Dr. Daniel E. Rousso is board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, and he has years of experience performing many different facial rejuvenation procedures, including chin augmentation and rhinoplasty. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Rousso, please call (205) 930-9595 or fill out our online contact form. Dr. Rousso has the knowledge and skill necessary to help you achieve the look you desire, and he and his staff are committed to providing the most professional care possible.

Rhinoplasty Birmingham Patient Journal

While searching the internet for information about rhinoplasty, I came across one of our patient’s experience at the Rousso Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic. This 10 day journal describing what to expect after rhinoplasty surgery is a worthwhile read. I was humbled and appreciate very much this patient taking so much time to share her experience and phots with the public to help educate others interested in Rhinoplasty.
Daniel Rousso, M.D.