Developing A Good Skin Care Program

While we know that sun avoidance will help prevent damage to the skin, we also know that a good skincare program can help protect and even reverse many of the harmful effects of the sun. Sunscreens and moisturizers containing glycolic acid (alpha hydroxy acids) in addition to antioxidants such as Vitamin C can be crucial in maintaining healthy skin. Our licensed Esthetician can address your skincare concerns and analyze your skin, making treatment and product recommendations to help you achieve your skincare goals. She will be able to tailor and customize a good skincare regimen for you with our premium lines of prescription products including OBAGI NUDERM and OBAGI C RX and Jan Marini SkincareResearch.

Our patients who have been using these products have been overwhelmingly pleased with their results. If you are not seeing results from your current skincare regimen you may want to consider consulting with our Esthetician. She is very knowledgeable and skilled in helping our patients with their skincare concerns. We have available the latest second generation Intense Pulse Light/Broad Band Light treatments to help patients with Rosacea, brown age spots, facial veins and laser hair removal. These IPL/BBL treatments are performed in our Spa under topical anesthetic and have no down time. Patients can have a treatment and return to work. For patients wanting to see a dramatic improvement in their facial skin we offer Micro Laser peels. This procedure is performed as a series of three treatments. Micro Laser Peels are extremely beneficial in reversing the results of sun damage, pigment discoloration, and actinic keratoses. Micro Laser Peel has little downtime associated with it (2-3 days) and it is performed under a topical anesthetic by our Esthetician in the Spa. A full face procedure takes approximately 30 minutes.

Our Cara cosmetics makeup line is well known and used by many of our established patients. Our Esthetician is trained in assisting patients post surgery with camouflage cover-up. She is very artistic in the application of make-up, helping patients address their cosmetic concerns, coordinating the latest color palettes to selecting cosmetics that will enhance their best attributes. Cosmetics Makeup application sessions are available with our Esthetician to help you develop a “new” look after surgery, for the holidays, or just for the current Season. Our Esthetician accepts appointments Monday through Friday.

Gift Certificates for any of our services performed in the Spa are available and make a wonderful gift for someone special or just to treat a friend.

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