Seated- Left to Right

  • Jessica Hopkins, Scrub Tech
  • Brandi Seelbinder, Case Coordinator for Dr. Adams
  • Vera Johnston, RN
  • Nancy Higginbotham, Practice Administrator
  • Johnna Prince, Fellow Case Coordinator for Dr. Rousso 
  • Meredith Trimble, Medical Esthetician

Standing Left to Right

  • April Patzke, RN
  • Sarah Wertz, Admin Assistant/Patient Liaison
  • Vikki Little, Accounting Assistant/Patient Liaison
  • Liz Estes, RN
  • Austin Adams, MD
  • Daniel Rousso, MD/Medical Director
  • Cam Johnson, Photographer
  • Angela Carlisle, RN
  • Dawn Wood, RN
  • Janice Vaughn, Medical Records Specialist
  • Kim Patrick, RN/Accreditation Nurse Coordinator
  • Dawn Russell, RN
  • Juanell Wilkes, RN (Not Shown) 

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