Rhinoplasty, more commonly called a “nose job” or “nose surgery,” is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries today. Nose surgery can enhance your appearance by changing the shape and/or size of your nose. Board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel E. Rousso performs rhinoplasty here at The Rousso Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama. By making subtle adjustments to the nose, Dr. Rousso can create better harmony between your facial features so that they all blend in an attractive and pleasing way.

Who Can Benefit From Rhinoplasty?

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Unappealing Nasal Characteristics

Individuals who are unhappy with the appearance of their noses can benefit from nose surgery. Nose surgery can reduce or increase the size of the nose, narrow the nostrils, change the shape of the nasal tip, adjust the bridge, and even alter the angle between the nose and upper lip. Rhinoplasty can make it so that your nose no longer detracts from your appearance but instead blends better with the rest of your face.

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Nasal Defects or Injuries

Men and women who have nasal defects such as congenital deformities can achieve a more normalized nasal appearance with rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty can also correct injuries that may have occurred due to athletic activities or unforeseen accidents. Even significant deformities or injuries can be corrected with nose surgery in the experienced hands of Dr. Rousso.

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Nasal Breathing Problems

Some people who suffer from nasal breathing problems can relieve their symptoms with nose surgery. These problems are often the result of a deviated nasal septum. Rhinoplasty manipulates the structures of the nose and can correct a deviated septum to restore open airways in the nose. This can enable you to breathe through your nose with improved ease after your surgery.

Rhinoplasty Procedure

Dr. Rousso uses the latest facial plastic surgery techniques and the most advanced technologies with each rhinoplasty he performs. Each patient is unique. No two patients are exactly alike. They may have different shaped bones and cartilage, different skin thickness, and different nasal airways. Dr. Rousso uses the appropriate combination of different techniques to suit each individual’s unique characteristics to achieve the best result for that patient. Because Dr. Rousso utilizes multiple different techniques, patients results are very natural in appearance. They don’t all have the “same nose” after surgery.



Anesthesia will be administered to prepare you for the surgery. Once the anesthesia has taken effect, Dr. Rousso will perform your rhinoplasty. Dr. Rousso will hide all incisions for the procedure inside your nose so that there will be no visible scarring. Through these incisions, he will adjust the structure of your nose according to your desires as discussed during your consultation. After the surgery, a splint will be applied to help your nose maintain its shape. A dissolvable suture will also be applied to stabilize the septum so that you will not need any nasal packing.

A closed rhinoplasty is reserved for patients who do not need dramatic adjustments or who are determined to avoid any possibility of external scarring. This technique can sometimes limit what is possible with rhinoplasty, which is why open rhinoplasty may be more appropriate for some patients.



You will be given anesthesia in preparation for your surgery. Once it has taken effect, Dr. Rousso will perform your procedure. Dr. Rousso will place a small incision at the base of your nose between the strip of tissue that separates your nostrils. This incision will allow him to open up your nose and freely adjust the nasal tissues and structures to match your desires as discussed during your consultation. The incision may leave a small, inconspicuous scar at the base of the nose. Afterward, a splint will be used to stabilize your nose in its new shape. The septum will be stabilized with a dissolvable suture so that you will not need nasal packing.

An open rhinoplasty is performed for patients who need significant adjustments or corrections, patients who have had a prior rhinoplasty, and patients who have severe asymmetries.

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Factors to Consider

Candidate Qualifications

Candidates for rhinoplasty are men or women who would like to improve the appearance, size, or shape of their nose. Some candidates may have nasal defects, injuries, or impaired breathing that they would like to correct with nose surgery. The best candidates are looking for improvement, not perfection, in the way their nose looks. Even though dramatic changes can be made, patients should have realistic expectations. Rhinoplasty can help patients by enhancing their appearance and boosting their self-confidence.


Anesthesia prevents you from feeling any pain during your surgery. The use of a special dissolvable suture for the nasal septum eliminates the need for packing, which dramatically reduces postoperative discomfort. During recovery, mild pain relievers may be used to alleviate any temporary discomfort.


Many patients feel that recovery from rhinoplasty with Dr. Rousso is easier than they anticipated. After rhinoplasty, a little bleeding may occur during the first few days. By the end of the first week, the splint is removed. Most of the swelling and bruising after rhinoplasty disappears within two weeks. By two weeks after surgery, patients can return to light activities. A feeling of stuffiness in the nose may continue for several weeks. Patients should refrain from contact sports or extreme physical activity for a full six weeks to avoid the risk of injury to the nose.


Early results can be seen as soon as most of the swelling has subsided two weeks after your rhinoplasty. The results you observe at this time will be mostly permanent, but as the months pass, slight changes may occur as the internal nasal structures adjust and the swelling continues to subside. By one year after your surgery, your results will mature, and your nose and overall face will look more natural, balanced, and attractive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of anesthesia will be used?

Rhinoplasty can be performed under either general anesthesia or IV sedation. With general anesthesia, you will sleep through the procedure. With IV sedation, you will be heavily sedated but breathing on your own without a tube into your lungs.Your nose and the area around it will be numbed, and you will feel drowsy during the surgery.

How long is the procedure?

Rhinoplasty usually takes one or two hours, though extensive surgeries may take longer.

Can I receive other procedures at the same time as nose surgery?

Nose surgery is often performed with other facial cosmetic procedures such as eyelid surgery, chin augmentation, and facelift surgery. Dr. Rousso can help you determine whether you might benefit from undergoing these procedures with your nose surgery.

How much does rhinoplasty cost?

The cost of rhinoplasty varies from patient to patient and depends on the amount of change desired, the cost of anesthesia, facility fees, surgeon’s fees, and more. Cosmetic rhinoplasty is not covered by medical insurance. However, patients who need functional rhinoplasty to improve nasal breathing may be eligible for some insurance coverage.

Will I have a scar after rhinoplasty?

Closed rhinoplasty has no visible scarring. Open rhinoplasty may leave a scar at the base of the nose where the incision was placed. However, this scar is usually minor and inconspicuous. Scars typically fade over time.

Can children or teenagers get rhinoplasty?

Individuals should be at least 14 to 15 years old to qualify for rhinoplasty. Before that age, children are typically not physically or emotionally mature enough for the procedure.

How long do rhinoplasty results last?

The results from rhinoplasty are permanent. You will be able to enjoy your new nose for many years to come.

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