Thanks to you I feel free and complete again. There is no way you could come close to comprehending what a positive impact the surgical procedure, the kind, special interest and the outstanding results are having on my life!

Very grateful, AS. Birmingham, AL

This patient is a 62 YO female who had a an 8.5 year history of progressive fronto-temporal female pattern alopecia. She underwent placement of a tissue expander, removal of the expander, followed by a hairline advancement after removal.

My consultation was thorough & I felt as though all of my questions were answered so I could make an informed decision. The care I received the day of my surgery Dr. Rousso and his staff were very caring and compassionate. I will definitely recommend your services to family and friends. I am very pleased!

SF Odenville, AL

Dr. Rousso is the best surgeon. He completely changed my life. I have the best nose now! Dr. Rousso’s staff is very sweet and always makes sure they are satisfying your needs. They will try to fit you in their schedule if you feel you need to see the doctor. I am so glad I chose Dr. Rousso to do my surgery. He gave me a beautiful nose! I would refer him to anyone!!

KS Birmingham, AL

I liked that my surgery was performed in the office and the staff of Rousso Facial Plastic Surgery was friendly and kind. I liked that if I had questions or concerns Dr. Rousso or someone was always there to help me. I love Dr. Rousso! He is so caring. The two doctors working with Dr. Rousso were great also. They have a clean and neat beautiful outer Lobby.

PC Gadsden, AL

The Receptionist at Rousso Facial Plastic Surgery was particularly friendly and personable. They made me feel that they were interested in me and returned my phone calls promptly. They knew who I was when discussing details on the phone. I had great results! I had a short wait in the Waiting room bud did wait longer in the exam room. The service was excellent and the care well coordinated.

JH, Columbus, GA

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