How to Choose a Surgeon

The Importance of Choosing the Correct Facial Plastic Surgeon

A patient wants to feel comfortable with the surgeon who will be performing surgery on his/her face. A patient’s comfort level is acquired during the consultation time spent face-to-face with the surgeon. It is at that first visit that a physician is able to establish an acceptable rapport with the patient. We understand that if a patient does not feel comfortable with the physician during this visit they will typically seek out another physician.

Tough Questions Patients Should Ask When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

1. Area of expertise, i.e. face only, full body
2. Board certifications
3. Whether they will be performing the surgery vs another physician (if in a group)
4. To see before and after photos of patients the physician performed surgery on
5. Number of surgeries performed on the area of interest
6. How often the surgeon operates each week
7. How long the surgery will take they are desiring>
8. Anesthesia to be used, IV monitored “twilight” vs. general
9. Recovery time required for the surgery wanted
10. Post-op care and follow-up visits after surgery

Questions Patients Should Ask Themselves Before Considering Major Surgery

1. Why do I want surgery? Is it:
a. because I believe it will make me look and feel better about myself
b. because I had a major change in my life, i.e. loss of spouse, divorce, etc. These are not necessarily reasons not to go forward with surgery, but recognition by the patient that the surgery will not change a loss generally affects surgical outcome as well as patient expectations.
c. because I feel ready and have the time to commit to the surgery

Most Importantly, Patients Should Remember the Following:

A surgeon should not be chosen based on the lowest fee, and patients should take the time to research a prospective surgeon’s credentials as well as talk to other patients they know who have undergone similar procedures.

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